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Whether you’re a believer or not, individuals and now fully bonified venture funds are moving fast & furious into the world of virtual real estate.

If blockchain is here to stay. And now Bitcoin has entered the mainstream. Who is to say that virtual real estate isn’t going to be a thing too?

That said, buying & selling virtual real estate is just the tip of the iceberg.

What’s more crazy — or more opportunistic here — is that without even owning a plot of land in any of the dozens of metaverses that now exist, you can start any number of service-based businesses to help land owners monetize their holdings.

Become the go-to developer that helps create digital interactive experiences inside the metaverse.

Love rollercoasters? Help build theme parks!

Love dogs? Design dog-parks and walking trails!

Love fine art? Build art galleries!

Have a taste for downtown, cosmopolitan living? Think shopping malls, restaurants, and condos! You get the idea!

And then if you have the means and want to get financially creative, why not offer your services for free — or, even at cost — in exchange for a percentage of future earnings on the said assets that you’re building!

But yea, this would be a very low touch way of getting a taste of what the potential of what virtual real estate could really mean.


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